Time to plant trees

The season of fruits such as Pawpaw, tangerines, orange, mango, avocado, watermelon, lemon, dates palm, etc. Are here, my request to everyone is not to throw the seeds in the trash, but instead to wash them, dry them (in the sun) and store them in a paper bag or envelop and store them in the car. Every time you go out to a field or when travelling, throw these seeds on an empty roadsides or riverside. With this simple act, we can contribute at least one tree each season. Our mission to make this world green can happen.
The Thai government has Promoted this idea to its citizens in recent years. The number of fruit trees in the wild has multiplied, especially in the northern districts of Thailand.
It’s no good just complaining about the heat, the lack of rain or the price of food. We have to do our part.
I received this message and I think it’s an excellent idea. You may share please. YACMF